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Complete Information About Japanese Hokkaido Dog And Characteristics

Hokkaido Dog – The Hokkaido Dog (Hokkaido Inu) or Ainu Canine (Ainu Inu) is a Spitz type functioning canine stemming from the Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Some experts believe that this is possibly the oldest (greater than 3.000 years) and most primitive of all Japanese breeds also older compared to the Kai Ken, but that is for debate.

Ainu Ken is the descendant of ancient Japanese hunting canines (Matagi-Ken) that were brought from the Tōhoku area (Honshu Island) by the Ainu individuals (thus the name Ainu Pet) sometime during the Jōmon duration.

There, in the isolation of the Hokkaido Island, the hereditary swimming pool of these pet dogs left relatively pure as well as secure from interbreeding with pet dogs of an additional type that were later brought to the Tōhoku area by the Yayoi individuals.

Many Ainu Canines have blue-black tongues, which recommends that they are the exact same beginning as the Chow and also Shar Pei pet dogs. In 1937, the breed was marked a Living Natural Monolith in its native country. Ever since it has been safeguarded by law.

The Japanese Hokkaido Pet dog was recognized by the FCI on a definitive basis in 1964 and belongs to the team 5: Asian Spitz and also Associated Types in the class of primitive pet dogs.

Regarding Hokkaido Dog Individuality And Temperament

The Hokkaido Dog is an effective, devoted and also sturdy-looking working canine with solid searching impulses. He is really just like the Kai Ken, Kishu or Shiba Inu both in personality and looks. In its indigenous country, this type has actually constantly been extremely treasured for its undeniable commitment, high trainability, ridiculous valor, as well as protective nature.

In addition to that, Dō-Ken is wild, vigorous, hardy, hard, alert, yet at the same time mild, playful, accommodating, and also anxious to please. So, as you can see, this is genuinely a canine of many top qualities. In the past, Ainu Dogs were primarily used for huge video game searching and protecting, while today they are mainly used as watchdogs and household buddies.

Indeed, this pet dog makes a terrific friend that is unbelievably devoted and also passive to its human household. He will naturally be dedicated as well as affectionate to all members of the house, as well as will certainly appreciate and cherish every minute invest with his enjoyed ones.

Nonetheless, as it is a case with many various other breeds from the Far East, Hokkaido dog Ken produces greatest bonds with his key proprietor, to which he will be incredibly committed until the end of his life.

The Ainu Ken can be a charming friend with youngsters, yet only if he is raised with them or effectively mingled at a very early age. You see, this is a pack-oriented pet dog with a strong feeling of hierarchy. Thus, he will certainly constantly strive for a greater and also much more dominant position in the pack (his human family).

Hence, this pet could in some cases view kids as reduced ranked members of the pack, which could cause him to rudely express his “relevance” over them. Such “high-ranked” dog will not endure any kind of abuse or persecution from, in his point of view, reduced placed participants, as well as will instantaneously change to aggressive behavior simply to combine his dominant placement in the family.

Of course, such behavior is entirely off the graphics and also it needed to be promptly as well as necessary dealt with as well as put under control. So, in addition to working with your pet in order that he values the youngsters, you will certainly have to instruct your youngsters not just how you can effectively deal with a pet dog, but ways to preserve as well as show themselves as leaders in his eyes. Always remember, this is of utmost importance because Hokkaido dog Inu can be an exceptionally unsafe dog that could inflict serious injuries when furious.

That is, after all, the main factor Ainu Inu is considered a superb watchdog (with appropriate training especially) and watchdog. Indeed, he is a naturally very safety of its family members, withdrawn and suspicious in the direction of complete strangers, strong and brave in fight, and also extremely territorial.

In addition to that, Japanese Hokkaido Ken is a sharp as well as the mindful dog that is really sensitive to all audios and also adjustments in his surroundings. So, you can rest assured he will reveal every guest with loud and lengthy bark. In fact, Hokkaido Dog can be very vocal (especially throughout searching) with his flexible “arsenal” of growls and barks, yet like other Japanese types, he is not susceptible to excessive barking.

The amusing thing is that this canine normally howls when pleased or excited. Anyway, if the complete stranger neglects his caution and also gets in proprietor’s building unwanted, he will absolutely challenge him. This can in some cases winds up badly considering that Ainu Ken will not avoid striking or attack, specifically if he discovers that individual is a threat to his household. That’s why it is required that you set up a clearly visible ‘beware of pet’ warning on your front gateway.

Besides, you will need to, asap, socialize your Hokkaido dog Canine with different people of all ages, various types of animals as well as various other canines. Truly, this pet dog could be a real nightmare for all various other family pets, especially if he is not raised with them. Dō-Ken is essentially a primitive as well as wild pet dog that is a natural birthed seeker ready to go after and kill every smaller animal.

It is just in his blood. So, if you currently have a pet cat, hamster or bunny, maybe it is best to avoid this type. As well as if they are elevated together, you need to never leave your Ainu Dog alone with a hamster or test subject. He could possibly get made use of to cope with felines, but rats, birds as well as comparable pets are simply as well tempting for him. Points aren’t far better with other pets too.

In short, Hokkaido Pet is usually really dominant and aggressive with unknown pet dogs. He will pick a fight with every dog that endangers his leading position or that enters his territory. This especially associates with pet dogs of the same sex. So, in order to stop such habits you will certainly need to not just mingle your Ainu, but to educate him in obedience also.

Ainu Canine Training

When it involves training, we can securely claim that the Japanese Hokkaido Pet comes from a team of dogs that are quick learners but independent thinkers. In other words, he is relatively very easy to train just if you have the ability to get him invested right into the whole procedure.

Hokkaido dog This can be a problem taking into consideration just how independent and also reckless this pet dog really is. That’s why it is important to show on your own as a pack leader that is both companies as well as mild. Now, this may verify difficult to some, as well as a result of that Ainu Ken is largely recommended for seasoned owners.

In skilled hands, this smart canine could quickly discover and also keep in mind also the most complicated commands. The secret to success is to start training a pup at an age of 7-9 weeks. To inspire him for the training, absolutely prepare some delicious treats beforehand and attempt to be patient and also calm as much as feasible.

Favorable reinforcement methods function best with this pet dog, so remember to never yell or bully him. Lessons must be brief and fun. The more requiring commands must be progressively included right into the mix.

Various Other Characteristics And Exercise Requirements

Main Hokkaido Dog features are high knowledge, solid loyalty, daring, awareness, independence, stubbornness, toughness, dexterity, endurance, ingenuity, determination, and curiosity. This is truly a private investigator pet that likes to roam and discover his environments.

Now if you match this trait with his extraordinary sports skills, it is very easy to guess he could be an escape at will. Indeed, Dō-Ken is more than qualified to climb over walls or fences and is frequently eager to find out just what’s going on in the neighborhood.

The good news is, he is not a type of dog like Siberian Husky, who probably wish to return residence after the retreat. Really, Hokkaido Dog is fairly the opposite. Like the Oriental Jindo, this dog can locate a back home from great distances, which simply shows how dedicated and also devoted he is to his master.

Nonetheless, his exploring practice is utterly unacceptable and also ought to be protected against regardless, because it could obtain him right into all kind of difficulty. So, if you wish to possess this canine, it would be needed to contend the very least 6-feet high fence around your lawn.

The Ainu Inu chooses a large open room where he can freely run and also play. Thus, he is the ideal pet dog for owners who have a home with huge and also securely fenced yard. Ideally, his owner must stay in an SUV or rural area near the woodland.

Although not suggested, Hokkaido Ken can be also kept inside given that he is a spick-and-span canine that likes to care for himself. In addition to that, he has no doggy smell, could be quickly housebroken and is reasonably active while within. All this, makes him ideal for life indoors, yet you can toss all of it out the window if you do not exercise your dog daily.

The Ainu Ken is a rather energetic and also agile dog that will certainly do well with the modest but regular workout. Generally, a lengthy daily walk or hike will suffice, but if you keep your pet dog inside, you ought to as well consistently play some video games with him.

In this manner, you will certainly make certain he will certainly stay healthy and balanced, delighted and also completely satisfied, which assures he will not destroy your house inside. Also, if you reside in a city setup, bear in mind that you should never ever let your Hokkaido dog off-leash unless he is already trained in obedience.

Hokkaido Ken Health and Wellness

The usual life expectancy of a Japanese Pet is around 12-14 years. This is a relatively healthy and balanced type that is primarily immune to all hereditary and also genetic health problems. Nonetheless, concerning 1/3 of Ainu Dogs are impacted by Collie eye anomaly, while 2/3 are providers.

CEA is a form of inherited eye disease, which impacts the sclera, retina, as well as choroid. However, there is no known treatment for it. Now before you turn your back on this canine, you have to understand that this is only a moderate illness that can seldom cause blindness.

However, if you wish to prevent all the dangers, it is ideal that you request comprehensive exam of a young puppy prior to buying. Luckily, CEA can be quickly diagnosed by ophthalmoscopy in puppies by the age of 6-7 weeks. So, if you determine to buy this dog, see to it you consult the dog breeder if the puppies are properly examined on this condition.

Only by doing this you will be One Hundred Percent certain your Hokkaido Dog will stay healthy and balanced. Besides CEA, this breed is also prone, although hardly ever, to some even more usual canine diseases like hip dysplasia, elbow joint dysplasia, hypodontia, cryptorchidism, or some types of allergies.

Dō-Ken Physical Characteristics As well as Appearance

The Ainu Ken is a typical medium-sized canine (Shika Inu) of square shape– he is a little longer than tall at the withers (11:10 proportion). He has actually the muscle and small body covered with the waterproof double coat. Customarily, the undercoat is soft and thick and outer coat is straight as well as severe.

Hokkaido dog Canine has a bit longer and thicker layer than various other Japanese pets and also as a result of that is qualified to hold up against incredibly low temperatures and to successfully work in heavy snow or snowstorm. Nevertheless, as you possibly presumed it, the Ainu Ken’s layer calls for a little bit extra grooming compared to layers of other Japanese dog breeds.

For instance, you ought to typically clean your pet a minimum of twice a week in order to stop the formation of hair mats. The Ainu Inu sheds greatly. So, throughout dropping, you will certainly need to comb your pet once or twice a day to remove dead hair.

Likewise, periodic bathroom with dry hair shampoo rates every now and then. Main Japanese Dog colors are white, black, red, black and also tan, sesame, wolf-gray, and also brindle. One of the most common is red and white pet dogs.

The Hokkaido Pet dog has a wedge-shaped head with a sharp muzzle and slightly level head. The nose and also lips are darkly tinted and also teeth satisfy in a scissors bite. The vibrant, as well as rather tiny dark brown eyes, are almond-shaped as well as established well apart.

The triangular ears are set up and reasonably tiny. It is suggested that you check your dog’s ears and eyes, particularly the last when a month. The modest neck is thick as well as strong with no dewlap. The withers are high and also chest is relatively deep, with well-sprung ribs.

The stomach is slightly put up. The back is strong and also straight. The moderately wide loin is muscular. The brushy tail is generally lugged curled atop the pet dog’s back, or established on high in the form of a sickle. The front legs are straight as well as learn.

The hind legs have solid hooks and are well-muscled and really powerful. The cat-like feet with curved toes and also tough pads are well-furred. The Hokkaido Dog removals at a quick as well as light trot and is able to leap extremely high, to run like the wind, as well as to promptly transform directions.

Hokkaido Dog Dimension As well as Weight


  • Height between 19 as well as 22 inches (49-56 centimeters).
  • Weight in between 53 as well as 66 pounds (26-30 kg).


  • Elevation between 18 as well as 20,5 inches (45-52 centimeters).
  • Weight in between 44 and 57 pounds (20-26 kg).

Exceptional Dog For Large Video game Searching

The well trained Hokkaido dog Canine with its primal target drive is a heck of a hunting canine. Up until recently, hunting was the key use for these dogs. In fact, their searching prowess is the primary factor they remain to this very day. Seta, as the Japanese also call this pet breed, possesses all the top qualities of a natural hunter – he is very intelligent endure, brave, active, sturdy, fast, clever, persistent, as well as determined.

He has eager senses of smell, sight, hearing, as well as direction, as well as can quickly work in different weather in the harshest of terrains. In their native country, Hokkaido Pet dogs have been mostly utilized to hunt the Hokkaido brown bear. Likewise, they proved effective in the quest on wild boar, deer as well as other sorts of the big video game.

Ainu Dogs bark and groan while chasing or buying a victim, thus the seeker can always establish their position effortlessly. As soon as correctly trained, these dogs could be really reliable as well as very easy to organize since they are quick to address recall commands. This gives the hunter a good amount of control over them, which is, of course, crucial during the hunt.

Versatile Functioning Breed Hokkaido Dog

The Japanese Hokkaido Pet is thought about a functional employee with an excellent factor. During the lengthy background of the breed, these canines had much more uses other than searching and securing. They are the only Japanese pet dogs used for sled pulling many thanks to their strength as well as resistance to really winter.

Smart as they are, Dō-Kens also verified trustworthy as herding pets, although they have actually been seldom made use of for it. In some Japanese villages, they are also today utilized as defensive pet dogs for protection versus bears. Some pets were efficiently utilized in search and also rescue missions, most significantly in 1902, when a Military exploration was captured in a snowstorm climbing up over the Hakkōda Mountains.

Likewise, the Ainu people, that are called excellent fishermen, typically use these pets as helpers to capture salons throughout their stressful upriver runs. So, it is completely clear this dog is absolutely a dedicated and committed human friend. However, Ainu Ken is truly difficult to come by given that this is an extremely rare type even in Japan. Nevertheless, if you are a knowledgeable proprietor seeking a diligent as well as the daring working dog, then you should definitely aim to locate and also buy a Hokkaido dog Pet regardless!

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