Understanding the Internet, its Functions and Benefits for Life

Today the people of the world already have a very close relationship with the name of the internet. In fact, it can be said that humans cannot escape from this internet. the internet is used to make it easier for humans to communicate, find information and much more.

For you internet users, do you know what the internet means? The internet is a global communication network where this network connects billions of networks with computers that are tested where it uses a standard global transmission control protocol / internet protocol suit (TCP / IP) system.

There are also those who argue that the internet is an international network where all types and also types of computers that exist throughout the world will be connected using a type of communication whether telephone, satellite or other.

The internet stands for Interconnection Networking which is safe every computer connected to this network will have a unique identity called an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address).

This IP address has a unique form because it comes from a variety of combinations of numbers that indicate the identity of a computer on an internet network.

Understanding the Internet According to Experts

For those of you who want to learn more about the internet, let’s just refer to the understanding of the internet according to the experts below.


According to Sibero, the notion of the internet is a computer network that connects computers globally. Further explained also that the internet can also be referred to as a natural network, which is a very wide network.

-Berners Lee

According to Berners Lee, the notion of the internet is a network consisting of several networks. This clearly refers to the concept where a particular computer network, or local network can also be connected to another network.


According to Sarwono, the notion of the internet is a collection of networks that have a global scale, where no one can be responsible for running the internet itself.

-Ned Snell

According to Ned Snell, the definition of the internet is a corridor for the various types of resources available to it, and each of these resources is accessed through different devices.

-Lani Sidharta

According to Lani Sidharta, the notion of the internet is a form of interconnection of a computer network, which can provide a complete form of information services. Lani further said that the internet is also a powerful virtual or virtual partner, commonly used in business, political, and even entertainment media.

-Onno W. Purbo

According to Onno W. Purbo, the notion of the internet is a medium that is used to streamline a communication process that is connected with various applications, such as the Web, VoIP, E-mail.


According to O’Brien, the definition of the internet is a computer network that is growing rapidly and is beneficial to a variety of interests, ranging from business interests, education, to government networks that can be interconnected with one another.

Functions of the Internet in General

The existence of the internet in life also has a function, especially in the global community. The following are general internet functions that you can know about.

As communication media

Based on the above understanding of the internet, the internet also has a function as a tool or communication medium for all humans who are in this part of the world. The use of the internet as a medium of communication is very common nowadays.

This is evidenced by the emergence of many sites and also social media and even chat applications that make it easier for people to communicate.

Media for Accessing Information

Not only to communicate, but the internet also makes it easier for people in the world to find various kinds of information. If in the past people had to read books first to get information, now only using e-books can humans read books online.

Media for Resource Exchange

The existence of the internet also makes it easier for humans to exchange resources. Well, the resources referred to here such as papers, papers, journals, designs, photos, videos and many others.

Media for Accessing News

By using the internet, you can find various news updates every day. If in the past to read the news must be through the newspaper, then with the internet it is more facilitated.

Benefits of the Internet for Humans

After understanding the function of the internet, this time we will discuss what exactly the benefits of the internet are. For those of you who want to know the benefits, let’s just refer to it below.

Communication Becomes Faster

If in the past to communicate must be through correspondence, then by using the internet communication becomes faster. By using the internet, you can not only read messages from someone, but also can see and also hear their voice directly.

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